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Paintball Guns

The guns used in paintball are air soft guns and are called “markers” (as they paint the opponent players with color)

A paintball gun is essentially a large air soft gun. The paintball guns have a wide variety of shapes, types and designs. Some are small guns and use small bottles of carbon dioxide (CO2) which last for 25-30 shots. Other guns are bigger, and using larger CO2 bottle packs (500 balls). All weapons have limitations in power and range. Even the strongest gun cannot reach farther than 50-60 meters. These weapons have not the ability to cause injuries while players using the basic safety equipment (mask), like any other sport (boxing, karate, rugby).

Security Arms

- Do not aim something that will not shoot!
- Do not remove the protective cap and do not put on the safety button before the game starts!

Photos from the guns that we have