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It hurts when you hit

If a player is hit by a paintball, feels a little insignificant pain for a few seconds. A little more will hurt if hit on bare skin than in skin covered with clothes. Hitting the ball at close range is not as loud as hitting a tennis ball. Of course, as close is the gun that shoots as stronger is the hit. But the major "injuries" that could become a finishing one paintball game, are scratches from thorns, wrench, rather than to shoot someone.

Is it safe to paintball?

The paintball is safer than most other sports. When played correctly, paintball is very safe. The following statistics compare different sports:

Yearly injuries per 1000
Paintball: 0,31
Bowling: 0,50
Archery: 0,66
Tennis: 1,09
Golf: 1,13
Swimming: 1,30
Fishing: 1,37
Skiing: 1,90
Volleyball: 2,42
Skating: 2,79
Skiing: 3,44 Volleyball: 4,43
Gymnastics: 7,13
Football: 10,54
Cycling: 11,30
League: 11,34
Water: 12,46
Basketball: 22,04
Rugby: 23,14
Wrestling: 27,37
Baseball: 27,67
Lacrosse: 223,79

Other accidents (per 1000)
car: 26
the road: 33
work: 61
home: 93