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What else you Need to Know

It is important for someone that wants to play to belong in a group or club?

No!! It is not need to belong to any group or club. First of all, you must have the necessary equipment at any time to go out and play. Beyond that, in consultation with the club or group that organized the game, anyone can join any of the teams they play, and play.

How do you play Paintball in Crete?

PAINTBALL CRETE has two natural areas a total area of 9000 m2, in Heraklion, Crete. When people have made their teams should call by phone 2810 235355 or 6973 798963 at least a day before to close the field. If some people cannot find an opponent team, then we will arrange to find one for you.

Is it expensive?

The paintball is not an expensive occupation. The price in PAINTBALL CRETE includes weapon, mask, air/CO2, chest and neck protectors, bracelet, 100 bullets and a bottle of water. The price depends on the number of people and adjusted in consultation.

For someone who wants to buy his own equipment (gun, bottle, mask), prices start at 150 euros and reach over 1500 Euro. Also need clothes that can help the variant in the game. They can be a dark, comfortable clothing, such as military camouflage uniforms, which can be rented at PAINTBALL CRETE. Certainly you also need a pair of comfortable running shoes or military boots. Why paintball is usually quite busy.

What one needs to have with him?

Besides paintball equipment that we rent it to you, you need to wear dark, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. If you don’t have the appropriate clothing, you can also rent military camouflage uniforms in our fields.

What safety equipment is needed?

The key safety component needed is the mask that protects eyes and face. Always mask included in the basic equipment rented from the organizers of games. And the first and basic rule in paintball is that they prevent the mask comes from the head during the game.

Is it necessary to be fitness to play paintball?

Actually no! In the big games or scenario games they do not have good physical condition, but a spirit of cooperation and leadership skills